For Essay 1, you will be writing about a place that inspires you and its definin

For Essay 1, you will be writing about a place that inspires you and its defining PHYSICAL characteristics. It could be a neighborhood or city where you have lived or visited, to start with… but then you must, MUST narrow it down to one SMALL SPOT within that larger context. You can start with a city, but then you must find a way to focus in on ONE TINY LITTLE SPOT within that city, town, or neighborhood… like one small park or better yet one small part of one small park like one picnic table, one restaurant, one house, one room in a house… something like that, so be creative but get small. It’s better to choose a place where you have some firsthand experience that you can use to guide you. In this discussion, I would like you to find a meme about your location, make a meme about it, or find a picture. Do NOT attempt to “cover” an entire country, state, city or whole neighborhood. If you ignore these instructions, you will fail. FOCUS… and then go into deep physical detail about that one, small, focused spot. Note: this assignment is about PHYSICAL description, NOT “memories” nor “stories” nor “feelings.” Physical details are things you see, hear, touch, smell, taste and can measure. Physical details can be sensed by anybody, not just you; physical details are fully public sensory data, whereas “memories” and such are private personal experiences… For this essay, you are to display the public sensory data.
Write 150 – 250 words on this meme or picture responding to the following questions (you do not have to answer them all):
How does the picture/meme illustrate defining features of the place you have chosen?
How would you describe the most unique features of your chosen small, focused location in PHYSICAL sensory detail? (Sensory details means describing what a visitor would see, hear, touch, taste, or smell in this location.)
What attitudes or beliefs do this picture/meme reinforce or challenge? How do the physical details affect such attitudes and beliefs of anybody at the place? Always fall back to the physical details.
Are there any drawbacks to this location illustrated in the picture/meme?
How could your peers help you to narrow down your location so it isn’t too big? How can your peers help you find important and interesting details? Go ahead and ask questions, even in your original post, to help your peers help you.





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