You are to provide 3 (100 word) discussion post resonses that are engaging and f

You are to provide 3 (100 word) discussion post resonses that are engaging and furthers the conversation along with askingquestions.
1.) Good Morning All,
A fun assignment right out of the gate for week 1!
A historically based movie I would like to highlight was titled GODS and GENERALS. The film is from 2003 and was directed by Ron Maxwell. I recall watching it in the movie theater on a port call when it debuted and I would certainly recommend the film if you haven’t seen it (though I would caution you to settle in as it is very long).
Gods and Generals highlights the events surrounding the start of the Civil War as the nation divided. It’s star studded cast include Stephen Lang, Robert Duval and Jeff Bridges. I recall it being “big cinema” with incredible photography and special effects. According to IMDb, the film “The rise and fall of confederate general Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, as he meets with military success against the Union from 1861 to 1863, when he is accidentally killed by his own soldiers.” (link below). The film showed many of the famous battles of the war as well as intertwining the personal stories of the soldiers and commanders and their families. One particular scene that really resonated with me was the battle of Fredericksburg which is about an hour from where I grew up and a place I frequently visited in my childhood.
While I believe the overarching plot of the film and many of historical details are accurate, I am certain the writers and director look creative liberty with some of the personal stories told as well as salient details perhaps not captured by historical documents.
Overall, the film is engaging, informative and enjoyable. Again, if you have an interest in the history of the Civil War and have not seen God’s and Generals, I recommend seeing it.
I look forward to reading each of your posts and learning more about some historical films from you. Make it an awesome week everyone!
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2.) The film I chose to discuss is Gettysburg which was released in 1993. The plot is based on the Battle of Gettysburg with the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by Robert E. Lee, battling the Union Army of the Potomac, commanded by its new commander George Meade. The movie aptly depicts the three-day battle and covers many details of the actual battle; many historians have praised it as the most accurate Civil War film ever made. One complaint generally referenced when speaking about the film is Martin Sheen’s portrayal of Robert E. Lee. General Lee was large and aggressive, while Sheen played him as a reserved character. The Confederate troops in the movie also looked well-fed, while in reality, they were on tightly rationed meals as supply lines to the south were cut off. The film also has many accurate depictions of the events that transpired, like the portrayal of the defense of Little Round Top. The battle scenes were recreated from Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s account of the battle.
– Yuriy
3.) A historical film that I would like to present to you all is “The Alamo” released in 2004, with the more notable stars being Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton. The film recreates the events that took place in 1836 in the Mexican State of Coahuila y Tejas, a small town in of San Antonio de Bexar to which we all know today as downtown San Antonio.
The summarized plot of the film as stated in “Historical drama detailing the 1835-36 Texas revolution after the famous siege of the Alamo where 183 Texans and Tejanos commanded by Colonel Travis, along with Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie, were besieged in an abandoned mission outside San Antonio by a Mexican army of nearly 2,000 men under the personal command of the dictator of Mexico, General Santa Anna, and detailing the Battle of San Jacinto where General Sam Houston’s rag-tag army of Texans took on and defeated Santa Anna’s army which led to the Independence of Texas.”
Overall, the film provided a great depiction of the Battle of The Alamo with one notable discrepancy being the end on whether Dave Crockett was executed or killed in action, with the film depicting him being executed.
– Jonathon
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