I have to get scores of more than 60 out of 100. So please get in touch with me

I have to get scores of more than 60 out of 100. So please get in touch with me if you are qualified.
Topic China’s Uyghur policy.
Research question: what are the main factors of China’s current policy on Uyghurs?
A research essay is a particular kind of academic writing in which the writer builds an argument about a topic (or in answer to a question) using evidence to support their case. Evidence might be historical facts or ideas about cultures, mostly drawn from academic sources. An essay is usually made up of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion.
The introduction should include a summary of the thesis or main argument of the essay, and a statement about the contents of the essay. The main body is made up of a series of paragraphs that build the argument, using facts and ideas from sources in your references list, each paragraph containing a sub-theme of the essay and flowing on logically from one paragraph to the next. The conclusion restates the main findings of the essay in summary form to remind the reader and concludes with some brief statements about the (potential) implications of those findings.
The research essay is designed to foster good study habits, including: a) To get you focused on reading, attending lectures and engaging in the tutorial discussions, to then be able to create a unified argument from these learning platforms;
b) to get you to think critically about the material you read and to be aware that knowledge-production is influenced by its context and that thus all knowledge is contested (there is no single truth)
c) to get you to synthetise, evaluate and engage in a critical analysis of the existing academic literature on the particular issue or topic, making sure that your evaluation represents an informed opinion and not simply a personal value judgment; and,
d) to get you to develop your academic writing skills (adherence to conventions of presentation, prose, referencing, etc.)
Use more than 12 academic sources/ Harvard references





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