Assessment 2: Environmental risk assessment Template Please use this template t

Assessment 2: Environmental risk
assessment Template
Please use this template to develop your assignment 2
(Title of your assignment)
Assessment 1: PUBH6002: Student name, Student ID
Note: Keep the headings and subheadings (Bold) and erase the instructions.
From the table provided by your lecturer, select ONE environmental health issue in ONE region (erase this announcement before submitting your assessment)
Write a report of the environmental health issue impacting your chosen region addressing the following key points:
Note: Erase the instructions in your final document. Keep the headings (bold). Add subheadings (optional)
1 Introduction (Max. 250 words)
Provide a short introduction about the environmental issue, the chosen region and the report which gives the reader an overview of the whole assignment.
2 .DPSEEA Framework (Approx. 1250 words)
Apply the DPSEEA framework to critically explain the causal chain attributed to the selected environmental health issue in your chosen region, using the following sub-headings:
2.1 Driving forces:
Include at least two driving forces of the environmental issue in the chosen region
2.2 Pressure:
Explain which pressures are caused by the driving forces leading to the changes in the state of the environment.
2.3 State of the environment:
Explain the impact in the environment derived from the pressures. Include data and evidence.
2.4 Exposures:
Explain how the population of the specific region is exposed to the changes in the state of the environment leading to the health issues.
2.5 Effects (Health and additional environmental effects):
Explain the health effects and any additional environmental effect attributed to the exposures described previously.
2.6 Actions:
Describe the current actions aimed to reduce the health effects. The actions can be aimed at any level of the framework.
3 .Include the concept map of your DPSEEA framework
4 .Vulnerable population(s) (approx. 150 words)
Identify and describe any vulnerable populations that are disproportionately affected by the problem in the chosen region.
5 .Gaps in management and legislation (Approx. 350 words)
Research and discuss at least two gaps in management and legislation in different sectors (Government and non-government) that triggered the environmental health issue in the chosen region (based on your framework investigation).
6 .Stakeholders (Approx. 250 words)
Explain the role of existing health agencies and other agencies, key stakeholders including community groups, critical infrastructure addressing the environmental health issue.
7 .Recommendations (Approx. 250 words)
Based on your findings, review and analyse the literature related to the environmental health issue and propose 3-4 evidence-based recommendations addressing the gaps in current policy, regulation, and management in your chosen region.
8 .References (Not part of the word count)
Include at least 10 academic valid references. Use credible evidence to inform and support your point of view. Ensure to appropriately reference the information you have found from academic sources by applying the APA referencing style.
9 .Learning Journal: Compulsory task of this assessment, no more than 200 words in total (not part of the assessment word count)
Use the table below to present key information/data/ideas of at least 4 references from your reference list. Present what you have learnt from developing this assessment, please present in a succinct form (see example in the next page).
Evidence (APA 7th)
(e.g. Report, research articles)
Key information/data/idea that you learn from this evidence
Example: Wechkunanukul, K., & Ullah, S. (2021). Ethnic Differences in GRACE Score Among Ten Ethnic Groups in Australia: Time, Ethnicity, and Delay (TED) Study III. Heart, Lung and Circulation, 30, S261.
There was association between ethnicity and 1-year post-discharge mortality among ten ethnic groups in Australia. European migrants were more likely to fall in a high risk group compared to migrants from Asia and Africa.
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