Building on your plan for project (Assignment 1), the final project aims at eval

Building on your plan for project (Assignment 1), the final project aims at evaluating a contemporary area of policy of your interest, applying the key concepts learnt in class. The project should provide a detailed account of the policy analysis and main findings of the research work.
This should constitute the main section of your essay and include description and analysis of some or all of the following:
An outline of your research questions and argument
An outline of any methodology that you have used for the policy analysis
A description of the policy process – from policy commitments to ‘on the ground’ policy
Any modifications to the policy during this process
The roles of the key actors
The power relationships at play
The relationship between the policy as implemented on the ground and its original aims
Any policy recommendations based on evidence for improvement of the policy
An appendix which lists any sources of evidence you used (e.g. titles of newspaper articles).
Assessment Criteria
The final project is marked on the following criteria:
(i) Structure and quality of the discussion
(ii) Application of theoretical perspectives
(iii) Validity of research question and coherence with proposed methodologies
(iv) Critical point of view
(v) Breath of literature
(vi) Quality of evaluation
(vii) Application of concepts and ideas learnt in class
(viii) Quality of evidence used for evaluation and for policy recommendation
This is a good question and a very interesting debate in British politics these days especially following the pandemic and the ability of the NHS to cope with public health crises. I think that overall, while you have a good understanding of the context surrounding the funding of the NHS and how this may be connect to its inability to deliver its services to the public, you are a bit confused as to the public policy making side of things. I think you have better frameworks to discuss the issue than classical institutionalism. For instance, this is an implementation problem, hence looking at the way resources are allocated within theories of implementation can help you. Also, this may be an issue of agenda-setting (interests that want the NHS fully funded versus those who don’t). Equally, it may be a decision-making problem depending on which party is in power. In this case, the NHS is coming from more than a decade of underfunding through the Conservative governments. So there’s a lot to discuss, but you need to choose what you want to look at more specifically. This is a good foundation for a promising project, but I would suggest that you speak to me during my feedback and consultation hours on how to provide some needed direction to your project.
Finally, methodologically speaking, you shouldn’t just be laying out all methodologies that exist, but rather tell me which one(s) are the most appropriate to use and why – based on their feasibility for the guidelines around this project and their ability to yield results to help you answer your question at hand.
Please ensure your bibliography is correctly compiled.





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