Instructions / Requirements -This is a joint assignment with two courses (campa

Instructions / Requirements
-This is a joint assignment with two courses (campaign insights analyzing and planning and digital experience) and a continuation of Assignment 1, I’ll upload for you assignment one on files.
The report should be written using the SOSTAC Approach Situational Analysis (internal + external analysis SWOT Analysis and the importance of the analysis) Objectives (SMART + KPIs + Balanced Scorecard)
Strategy (explain your plan)
Tactics (3-5 mock-ups + choose communication channels + the duartion of the campaign + customer journey + USPs + create a table for the prices + write slogans and captions and hashtags
Action Plan (create a schedule for the campaign)
Control (control process + give info on the campaign) and also this report is for the egyptian market.
Grading criteria and assignment brief:
First for campaign insights analyzing and planning module, assignment weigt 70% of this module
Task 1 and 2
Recognise the process of media planning, taking into consideration the changing media environment and explained the process of campaign planning
-Student has prepared a comprehensive campaign plan that includes suitable media aligned with achievable objectives, that clearly indicates an understanding of the planning process[35%]
Task 4
Allocate a media budget across multiple media platforms, the relative strengths of a range of media platforms to develop measurable media objectives.
– Student has understood all resources required for an effective communications campaign and aligned them with SMART objective [10%]
Evaluate campaigns in order to determine their effectiveness.
-Student has recognised the relevant campaign monitoring tools
-Student has understood both the benefits of measuring a campaign and how evaluation could inform future campaign. [25%]
Second module Digital experience assignment weight 70% of this module
Task 2 and 3
Demonstrate an understanding of good design principles related to digital experiences.
– Student has motivated how their applied design adheres to design principles relate to digital experience.
– Student has presented and discussed an understanding of best practice, structure, aesthetics, usability and accessibility while considering digital experience framework [10%]
Task 3
Map and test consumer/user experience in relationship to objectives.
-Student has mapped the usage of the tool to customer journey framework showing different touchpoints a target customer might encounter.
– Student has connected the customer journey with the mock-ups produced in for their suggested campaign.
-Students have included in their annotations insight as to how they tested and adapted their design according to user experience and testing [30%]
Task 3 and 4
Produce a creative design brief for a digital tool (eg website, mobile app, voice activated device, VR) mapped to customer journey frameworks.
– Student has produced mock-up design(s) for their digital solution and clearly connected elements of it to the customer journey and objectives.
– Student has given insightful annotations and background to help guide the marker through the mock-up / storyboard and wireframes.
– Student has taken into account best practice, structure, aesthetics, usability and accessibility within the mock-up
– Student has recommended KPIs, methods and metrics used to monitor and evaluate the suggested digital solution. [30%]
Others [30%] for all tasks
Integration of Research, Literature and Theory
– Students have connected the research or theory with the commercial practice of the business under review
– Student has included proof of completed formative work. [15%]
Referencing Intellectual curiosity (Quality of academic sources).
Use & presentation of Harvard Referencing
– Students have shown a selection of at least 15 quality sources such as market and industry databases, journals, newspapers, credible industry websites as well as text books.
– Students have shown referencing within text & consistent use of Harvard referencing system.
– Accuracy of in-text references and full details shown in Reference list. [10%]
Presentation and Creativity
– Student has given a summary of findings and reiterate their objectives from your original group presentation. If you have made any changes to your objectives based on feedback state reasons why.
-Students have applied good presentation & structure with, creative, innovative, appealing and effective visual aids.
– Articulate & fluent business style with logically sequenced and presented ideas appropriately cross referenced. No grammatical / spelling errors. [5%]
Total 100%
Note: I’ll upload assignment one for you to continue this through it, but my grades in assignment one were very low in both modules because it was missing
-the digital soulition
– A deeper situational analysis is needed
competitive analysis needs to present dynamics
of competition
present the campaign idea
– need to describe two consumer personas
campaign objectives are missing
try to include these points in this report.
note: mockups part , ill do it. but im just giving you a breif about it
-digital solution module i want five mockups for website design and you can use canva website to help you creat them.
– campaign insites analisting and planning model i want my five mockups as social media post and billbords and also you can use canva website to help you design it.
note: you’ll find power point presentation for assignment one in files and also you’ll find another powerpoint presentaion for nescafe it will give you a good background about the company and it will help you in writting the report,





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