Week 1 Discussion Board: Data Displays in the Media Statistics is truly more abo

Week 1 Discussion Board: Data Displays in the Media
Statistics is truly more about communication than mathematics. And a big part of that communication deals with displaying data graphically to provide the reader with an easier way to understand the information. We have all seen this in the many infographics that seem to be everywhere now.
Examples of Infographics
Initial Post:
For this week’s discussion board, you will look through news & media sites online to find an article that relies on various data displays. It should be from an article that was published or posted after 2018 for the sake of relevance. For your initial post, you will need to do the following:
Post the active and direct weblink to your article. (For example, posting a link such as nytimes.com will not work, it needs to point to the actual article so your peers can read it.)
In a paragraph, summarize the main ideas of the article
Peer Response:
After reviewing the posts of your peers, choose one to respond to with the following information:
Copy one of the data graphs from your classmate’s article and paste/embed it in your discussion board response so everyone can see what graph you’re referring to.
Without copying any text from the article, translate what the graph is showing into a summary description and include anything relevant or important that the graph is trying to get across.
After reading their article summary, contribute by adding a couple points that you think they may have missed or misunderstood from the article, or raise additional questions you may have after reading their summary.
Example Article (to be used as reference only):
This class business statistics
Initial posts are due Wednesdays by 11:59 pm and response posts are due Sundays by 11:59 pm. Please refer to the rubric for grading criteria.
Also, please view this video on on adding pictures in a discussion board post:
How to upload a picture to a discussion forum in canvas





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